Lamp lighting is a common feature in India, during the holy inauguration of a new house, hall or starting of a meeting or conference. In the various linguistic states of India, holy Lamps usage is more or less similar. In the various religious functions also, the lamps find an indispensable place on occasions. Even though electric lights are now available, the holiness goes to the various oil lamps. The highest honor of lamp is occupied by the cow ghee lamps.  

A lit mud lamp called Nandadeepa

Here, in the case of a lamp, light of flame and oil are considered for its scientific and significant reasons.

Lamps of gold, silver and other metals are used to offer to Gods or to relatives and friends as offerings or gifts. People offer Lamps to temples after their desires are fulfilled, as a form of respect, in gratitude. Sometimes, people offer cow ghee filled lamp duly lit to God with the following verse.

Ghee lamp offering Mantra:

साज्यं त्रिवर्ति संयुक्तं वह्निना योजितं मया ।
दीपं गृहाण देवेश त्रैलोक्यं तिमिरापह ॥

Meaning: After kindling with fire, I offer the ghee lamp, O God, kindly accept it.  It is three fold powerful in action, and combined in its own three dimensional qualities of the materials, namely, the lamp, the ghee and the wicks, which would eradicate the darkness in the three staged world of the entire universe.

God becomes happier when the lamp is filled with ghee and offered. He would bless the devotee and his desires get fulfilled without fail. Usually, on every Friday, in the morning, people light the Ghee lamp on regular basis in their homes. Small silver lamps were used in ancient times and the same is continued in the present system of worshipping in the Puja room.

In the normal course, sesame oil, coconut oil or some other oils are commonly filled in lamps and used to offer to God.

Ordinary lamp offering Mantra:

ज्योतिश्शुक्लश्च तेजश्च देवानां सततं प्रियः ।
प्रभाकरो महा तेजा दीपोयं प्रतिगृह्यताम् ॥

Meaning: Kindly accept my humble offer and bless me. The flame is illuminated and white in color, the divine Gods are always happy to receive lit lamp in offering, and they bless the devotee, also fulfill our desires.

The inner shrine of the temples in India normally would not be wired for electric connections. Only brass lamps or silver lamps considered holy are used during worships for God.

Three types of lamps are available. The first type is placed on ground. The second type is hanged by chains and the third type is portable lamps. Usually, people consult with elders, astrologers, or priests before purchasing the new lamp and get it lighted by such respectable persons.

Lamp – Astrological Implications

मंगलार्थं दिवारात्रौ प्रकाशाय शुभाय च
भुक्त्यादौ न्यसते दीपो योऽस्य लक्षण मुच्यते ।
सर्व प्रश्नेषु सर्वेषु कर्मस्वपि विशेषतः
प्रसादेनैव दीपस्य भविष्य च्चुभमादिशेत् ॥

Meaning: The lamp is used for auspicious occasions, either in day or night. The lamp is deposited with reverence and its features are as narrated here. It is used for both, pleasing with good omens and for getting light against darkness so as to achieve wealth, welfare and peace in the future.

In every question and analytical answering by astrologers, and in all remedial actions against problems of life, the joyful proceedings are judged by the style of glowing lamp and its pleasing features. Astrologer analyses the glowing lamp under his reference, and the future course of action for the well-being would be instructed depending on the implications of that lamp.

Lamp – Astrological Bad Features

वामावर्तो मलिन किरणः सस्पुलिंगोऽल्प मूर्तिः
क्षिप्रं नाशं व्रजति विमल स्नेहवर्त्यन्वितो ऽपि ।
दीपः पापं कथयति फलं शब्दवान् वेपथुश्च
व्यादीर्णार्चिः विमलमसकृद्यश्च नाशं प्रयाति ॥

Meaning: Bad features are described; the flame would be showing anticlockwise rotated swings. It would be very small flame and unpleasant to look at. Even though protected with hands, it would get extinguished quickly. Lights of lamps are telling the story of sins. It would emit small sounds. Dirt in the oil or wick should be noted. Such items signify the downfall and ultimate collapse of the system.

Lamp – Astrological Good Features

दीपः संहतमूर्ति रायततनुः निर्वेपथुर्दीप्तिमान्
निश्शब्दो रुचिरः प्रदक्षिण गतिर्वैडूर्य हेमद्युतिः ।
लक्ष्मीं क्षिप्रमभिव्यनक्ति रुचिरां यश्चोच्चिखोदृश्यते
शेषं लक्षण मग्नि लक्षणसमं योज्यं यथा युक्तितः ॥

Meaning: The good features of the lamp are discussed. The lamp is good looking. It would glow, in silent with large flame, showing clock wise swing of flame. The color could be compared with gold or garnite gem stone. The head portion would be right and less smoking or no smoke at all.  Such lamp would fetch the wealth to the institution by the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. The other features of the lamp light would be similar to the features of the fire. The astrologer would be able to decode them and explain them.   

Lamp Flame Direction Indications

पूर्वाभिप्रेतधात्री शिखिनि शिखि भयं दक्षिणे प्राणहानिः
नैरृत्यां विस्मृतिस्यात् वरुण दिशि शिखा शांतिदा वायुकोणे ।
शून्या मृत्युंजयीस्याद्घनद दिशि शिखा संविधत्ते शिवाख्ये
वह्नेरोर्ध्वा शिखैषा वितरति वपुषो ऽभीष्ट वस्तूनि सद्यः ॥

Meaning: The directions of the lamp flame indicate the result of the proceedings of the various functions.

If the flame is showing to east, resulting process would be moving under helplessness. The flame showing to south, resulting process would be moving under fear of death. If south-east, resulting process would be moving under forgetfulness. The flame towards west means resulting process would be moving under peace. If it is to north-west, resulting process would be moving under full loss. North implies resulting process would be moving under full confidence of overcoming obstacles and getting success avoiding death. The flame glowing towards north-east means the resulting process would be moving under repetition. Finally, if the flame shines up towards sky, resulting process would be moving under blessings for the physical body.

Flame directionWork moving under
SouthFear of death
North-westTotal loss
NorthFull confidence
Towards skyBlessings
Lamp flame direction indications

Lamp Reveals Angel Nature

स्नेहो यस्येह देहो भवति तदुदरे वर्तिनी वर्तिरात्मा
ज्वाला चायुस्तदीये विमलमलिनते सौख्य दुःखे क्रमेण ।
पात्रं गेहं समीरो मृदुपरुषगुणो बंधु शत्रु स्वरूपः
प्रष्टुर्वृत्तं निकामं पिशुनयति महा देवतात्मा सदीपः ॥

Meaning: The lamp flame indicates the blessings of God. It acts as the soul of Angel of lamp. When some person protects the flame against winds, that shows help is coming to support and the works would lead to success. The neat glowing of flame flourishes the health of the worshipper. The metallic lamp and the flame are compared as the body and life. The oil level shows the greed status or generosity, the lamp is like an angel to bless the worshipper.

The analysis of the status of lamp is important in the astrological sense.

Nanda Deepa

Nanda Deepa means ever glowing lamp. It is also called in other local languages as Sadajyothi or Kedavilakku. It is lighted and kept preserved without extinguishing the flame. The lamp is kept in the Puja room in the house. In the temple, it is kept near the main idol in the inner shrine. The level of the oil is to be daily checked. The status of the wicks and flame are to be monitored daily. On monthly basis, the lamp should be cleaned and during the cleaning, there should be an expert so that the flame is watched well and no foul play happens. Usually, the lamp is cleaned on no moon day or on the Sankranthi day, preserving the same old flame.

Either in the puja room of own house or in the inner shrine of the temple, Nanda deepa is offered to God. In temple, people donate cash for the service and offer oil and wicks. But in own house, we have to maintain it under own risk.

The angel of the lamp protects the worshiper at all times. The reader of this article is free to verify the truth of this article and get the benefit.

Four mud lamps towards four directions
Mud lamps
दीप मूले स्तितो ब्रह्म दीप मध्ये जनार्दनः ।
दीपाग्रे शंकरः प्रोक्तः संध्या ज्योतिर्नमोस्तुते ॥

Meaning: The flame is prominent in the lamp and in the bottom of the flame, Brahma sits. In the middle of the lamp, Vishnu sits. On the upper tip of the lamp, Shankara sits, I salute the twilight lamp.

The above Sanskrit verse is to be practiced and by hearted by all.

The lamp represents the existence of God in different forms. Daily worship of burning lamp had always proved it leads towards peace and prosperity in life. In every house in our country, Lamp is always preserved in the form of blessing God. 

The Arati

The fire is a sincere witness to anybody at any time. The Arati is a service offering in front of the God, and pleasing the deity of the God. After the completion of the Arati, the fire and flame of the final Arathi is taken to be touched by all devotees. Then, all could experience the heat of the flames by actually putting the hands over it as witnessing for the Puja conducted towards God. People would touch their own forehead or head to remember God and to receive his blessings.

On April 05, 2020, PM Narendra Modi lit a lamp after turning off all lights at his residence. PM Modi, during his address to the nation earlier, had appealed to the citizens to switch off lights for nine minutes at 9 PM to show solidarity in the fight against Coronavirus.

Worship of Lamp would solve any problem of the devotee without fail.

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