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Earth: Reliable And Permanent

Our Earth is permanent, but always rotating around the sun. It is also revolving about its own axis which is inclined, more than twenty three degrees, having a shape of an apple. Technically, the shape is geoid. Three fourth of its mass is water and only one fourth is soil. In Rigveda or Yajurveda, it is explained as the Sun controls our Earth.

Matsya, Kurma and Varaha avatars of Lord Vishnu
Matsya, Kurma and Varaha avatars of Lord Vishnu

In mythology, Earth is worshiped as the wife of God Vishnu. God Shiva is allotted the duty of destruction according to the code of conduct of Indian (our) thought called Dharma. The dancing of Shiva is explained as Pralaya, which means total shuffling of the earth. The protector of earth has scientifically arranged one permanent shed as a safe house at Badari for the use in case of emergency and the creator Brahma used to sit in it, taking classes to his four children, namely, Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatkumara and Sanatana. That shed is called Narayana Ashram.

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Graha Shanthi Homa And Its Significance

The rituals performed in order to please the divine powers, represented by the nine planets, are called ‘Graha shanthi homa’. The nine planets are: – 1. Sun, 2. Moon, 3. Mars, 4. Mercury, 5. Jupiter, 6. Venus, 7. Saturn, 8. Rahu and 9. Kethu. The tenth is Maandi , 11th is Lagna and 12th is Arooda in prashna jyothisha. There is no doubt that God has created the solar system with human beings on earth. Some are found living with more pleasures and happiness but some are facing great sufferings and sorrow. Astrology analyses cases and whenever found the cause for sufferings are the deficiencies in the blessings of angels denoted by these planets, Indian astrology sincerely upholds the performance of remedial rituals so as to please the nava grahas for provision of peace and happiness to the performers.

Navagraha – solar system
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