Our Earth is permanent, but always rotating around the sun. It is also revolving about its own axis which is inclined, more than twenty three degrees, having a shape of an apple. Technically, the shape is geoid. Three fourth of its mass is water and only one fourth is soil. In Rigveda or Yajurveda, it is explained as the Sun controls our Earth.

Matsya, Kurma and Varaha avatars of Lord Vishnu
Matsya, Kurma and Varaha avatars of Lord Vishnu

In mythology, Earth is worshiped as the wife of God Vishnu. God Shiva is allotted the duty of destruction according to the code of conduct of Indian (our) thought called Dharma. The dancing of Shiva is explained as Pralaya, which means total shuffling of the earth. The protector of earth has scientifically arranged one permanent shed as a safe house at Badari for the use in case of emergency and the creator Brahma used to sit in it, taking classes to his four children, namely, Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatkumara and Sanatana. That shed is called Narayana Ashram.

When Maharshi Narada was young, his father, God Vishnu advised him to sit in the same class but behind them occupying the last seat. During the session, the first three slept and then Narada Mahaharshi was also unable to concentrate and so silently went out to Shweta dweepa (White Island) to see his brother Aniruddha.  In the Shweta Dweepa, his brother informed him about the starting of Pralaya in few days and persuaded him again to attend the missed portions of his class.  

The philosophical lessons were not tasty. So Maharshi Narada was wandering at various places. Later, God Brahma finished his lectures and went to his residence at Satya Loka. Then, God Shiva started mild dancing and symptoms of Pralaya occurred. Maharshi Narada understood that only Sanatana is now attentive in the class at Narayana Ashram and immediately reached there. The following verse is available in the Veda stuti (praising vedas) chapter of the Bhagavatha book.

ऐकदा नारदो लोकान् पर्यटन् भगवत्प्रियः ।
सनातनमृषिं द्रष्टुं ययौ नारायणाष्रमम् ॥

The Ashram of Badari is below the Mount Everest Mountain. Hence, even though during the Pralaya a strong shuffling of water happened, Sanatana with Narada Maharshi could safely reside in the Narayana Ashram until the soil and water again set into a stable level.

It is also told that, initially, Bhagavatha book was written by Vyasa Rishi by sitting inside the Badari Ashram. Later, Gouda Pada Acharya and Shankaracharya also resided in Badari Ashram.

Hence, it is confirmed that it is a safe place for seers of all times. Timely changes may occur on earth, but earth is permanent. Narada Maharshi learned from Sanatana the omitted portions of lessons. Now he could refer the books written by Vyasa Rishi also. Thus he studied the various incarnations of God Vishnu and the importance of worshipping the nature, as his father is being embedded in each and every particles of the nature as we see on this earth. Later, Narada Maharshi also propagated the glory of his father as per the learnt Puranas and the items are available in this website in a separate chapter on Narada Maharshi.

Preservation of Earth in Puranas

Bhagavatha Purana contains five features. Details regarding the age of the earth are also available in it. The main feature is the narration of the lineage of God Krishna. The other feature is the stability of earth. In Ramayana and Mahabharata, there are two incidences available, narrated regarding the lifting of mountains.

During the war between Rama and Ravana, in order to treat Lakshmana, against his fainted conditions, the plant Amrita Sanjeevani was required. Hanumanta has lifted the mountain containing that plant to Sri Lanka from the center of India and replaced it in its original place after use. The mountain is put back in tact to preserve the balance of this universe.

Mahabharata or Bhagavatha explains the lifting of Govardhana Giri Mountain by God Shri Krishna, in order to protect the people and cows, and thus avoiding the possibilities of flood and consequences. When the severe rain stopped, the same mountain has been replaced intact.

Earthquakes are faced in Japan, Indonesia and other parts of the world. Cyclones are experienced in our country also. In nature, such temporary changes occur and the preventions against natural calamities are beyond the scope of human capabilities. However, in Bhagavad Geetha, God Shri Krishna says the entire possible human attempts of remedies are to be done and the rest to be left to him. He will preserve the earth so that human beings could live happily later, with other animals, birds and plants, in the normal fashion. 

The avatars or incarnations are accomplished by God for ensuring this earth as a permanent planet for enabling innocent people to live. If a part of earth disappeared, it would reappear in another form in an equivalent quantum.

Thus, there are ten avatars, called Dashavatara. In order to preserve earth, as a living area, God Vishnu has decided to take birth in ten forms. The avatars are: Matsyavatara (fish), Kurmavatara (turtle) Varahavatara, (boar), Narasimhavatara, (bottom as lion, upper portion as man), Vamanavatara, Parashuramavatara, Ramavatara, Krishnavatara. The Sanskrit verses of Buddha Charitha, written by the Sanskrit poet Ashvaghosha, has caused a status of God’s Avatar in India to the holy Buddha also, but only few parts of the book is available at present. At the end of this Kali era, one Kalki avatar is also anticipated. Rebirths are also taken by God Shiva and Goddess Devi on our earth to ensure the stability of this earth and assuring peace and happiness to all.

Let us be free of fear and serve one another for mutual progress. There is this verse:

उद्धरेदात्मनात्मानम् नात्मानमवसादयेत् ।
आत्मैवह्यात्मनो बन्धुः आत्मैव रिपुरात्मनः॥

The meaning is, ‘God Krishna desires, each and every soul must strive for the uplifting of the other one and should not condemn any other since one soul itself is the relative of the other and there should not arise any enmity between us.’

Earth is the most tolerant and reliable planet with respect to human beings. This article, being a good message of hope, may be forwarded to anybody.

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