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धनमग्निं धनं वायुर्धनं सूर्यो धनं वसुः।

धनमिंद्रो बृहस्पतिर्वरुणं धनमश्नुते ॥

The Goddess of Wealth is Lakshmi as per Indian belief. If one desires to get more wealth and continuously worships Goddess Lakshmi, he faces problems only, since Lakshmi is never pleased by simply worshiping her alone .There are several angels serving the main one, the supreme God, and each angels are assigned universal obligations. Lakshmi being the main angel is none other than the wife of Vishnu, who is the Main Protector of this world, also called as Maha Vishnu. There are more than one thousand names to Maha Vishnu., widely known as Vishnu sahasranama. They are in Sanskrit verses form and anybody could sing the same with musical melody.

Goddess Dhanalakshmi
Goddess Dhanalakshmi
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Shree Chakra: The Guide To Glorious Life

Shreechakra, or Sri Chakra, is a yanthra designed with circles and triangles containing manthrakshara in its own deserving places, drawn using Sanskrit tantric methods. It is also available in solid block model in meru danda form called ‘Bala Tripurasundari Nilaya’. The main purpose of Shreechakra is to submit the devotional rituals in the easiest methods as an alternative path of vedic homa to have enhanced output results. Concentration is the main required quality for Shreechakra method of worship, known as ‘Shreechakropasana’.  People in the business field could not arrange fire rituals frequently. Due to time shortage, other forms such as tarpan, dwija bhojana and temple visits are not practicable simultaneously with business, timely attending of shops or factories and land cultivations. 

Shree Chakra
Shree Chakra Meru Yanthra
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