धनमग्निं धनं वायुर्धनं सूर्यो धनं वसुः।

धनमिंद्रो बृहस्पतिर्वरुणं धनमश्नुते ॥

The Goddess of Wealth is Lakshmi as per Indian belief. If one desires to get more wealth and continuously worships Goddess Lakshmi, he faces problems only, since Lakshmi is never pleased by simply worshiping her alone .There are several angels serving the main one, the supreme God, and each angels are assigned universal obligations. Lakshmi being the main angel is none other than the wife of Vishnu, who is the Main Protector of this world, also called as Maha Vishnu. There are more than one thousand names to Maha Vishnu., widely known as Vishnu sahasranama. They are in Sanskrit verses form and anybody could sing the same with musical melody.

Goddess Dhanalakshmi
Goddess Dhanalakshmi

If a person, man or women, understands the above secret principle, then he begins worshipping Vishnu. Lakshmi, being the wife of Vishnu, naturally follows Vishnu and takes orders from Vishnu. The Lord angel of wealth naturally blesses the worshipper of Vishnu. The worshipping mantra, as seen above from Purusha sukta of Yajurveda is first sung in pooja for Vishnu and later, fire ritual is conducted with Shrisukta manthra of Rigveda to please Goddess Lakshmi.

Fire is the first wealth, air is the next one, and successively Sun, Land & buildings, power, education, water and Gold are wealth to consider in this Earth. If a question arises, why should one live, certainly in Indian faith, there are answers. Dharma and Artha are the catch words. Indian faith emphasizes human beings should live to achieve Dharma and Artha. The science of wealth means economics of life and it is known as Artha shastra. It is an Upa veda of Atharva veda and in it, there are many explanations found regarding mandatory conditions for the students who should accumulate wealth only by means of Dharma after learning.

Nowadays internet is the part of human education in this universe. Web is nothing but internet. Online education is common now.   Education on Dharma was free in India. Generally, in olden days, the fees to the teacher, called Guru Dakshina for teaching Dharma or Artha is decided by the students after learning themselves. Those who could not pay can take up part time jobs in the house of the teacher and learn during odd times. The teacher usually never asks for fees. Wealth should not be accumulated in the premises of the teacher. On the other hand, a teacher should never suffer due to deficiency of wealth for which the ruler of the land is responsible then.

This article is written during the period when online classes could be accessed by students free of cost to a certain extent by means of internet using laptop, TV or mobile phone accessories. Sanskrit was the medium of instruction in ancient times and student would by heart the verses by staying overnight in the premises of the teacher, this system being called Gurukulam.  Now, web or internet procedure is more attractive to think. The information, from the databank or knowledge tank flows through the web, to the recipient or to any student anywhere in this universe.

Now, human beings should live with peace and happiness by procuring required goods for his family and required services for all members of his family. Thus, one should get a job to earn money. People may conduct pilgrimage to holy places; say a devotee may visit Manthralaya with the following recitation.

पूज्याय राघवेन्द्राय सत्य धर्म रताय च ।
भजताम् कल्पवृक्षाय नमताम् काम धेनवे ॥

Meaning of the verse: Along with respecting cows and coconut trees, I worship and devout the ever truthful, righteous His Holiness Raghavendra Swami for blessings.

People go to foreign countries after higher education in search of better job. The Sanskrit verse as follows, says regarding wealth as, education is the main asset in foreign land and also own Dharma an asset in other’s area. Thinking with well-wishing mind is the asset in depression and good character and conduct is asset everywhere.

विदेशेशु धनम् विद्या व्यसनेशु धनम् मतिहि ।
परलोके धनम् धर्मः शीलम् सर्वत्र वै धनम् ॥

The methods to acquire wealth are more significant than the wealth itself. The methods mean sincere efforts of hard work without hurting anybody, physically or mentally. Readers are kindly requested to visit this website frequently, since after a few days, more articles similar to this would be seen here.  This one topic, being an essence of Shreemad Bhagavatha Maha Purana, is highly relevant to human life. The benefit of reading, hearing or observing some essence of this book leads people to live life with peace and happiness. Goddess Lakshmi blesses him with more wealth and readers are free to test this in their own life and may preserve a copy of the “Bhagavatha” book in any form in their residence as a token of good will. The terms and conditions are very simple. He must experience the benefits of using the good fruit of Indian coconuts and blessing of Indian cows. Everywhere, show good character and conduct at all times.

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