Birth and Childhood

Bhagavatha is a biography of Lord Krishna written by Maharshi Veda Vyasa in Sanskrit verses in the beginning of Kali Yuga or this era. The purpose of birth of Lord Krishna was to reestablish Dharma in India.  It is a social principle which is a natural style of life for Indians as desired by God. In due course of time, human beings themselves get deviated away from this style of life, Dharma. Human being is provided with great freedom of thought by God and one can decide his own style of life by deviating from Dharma, it is permitted. Other people should not be hurt by the new style of life of that man, which means only a tolerable style is permitted by God. Sin is accumulated in a man’s life account if one deviates away from the tolerable way of Dharma. When most of the people, including the ruler of the land, become intolerable to the citizens following Dharma, then God himself takes birth and this happened in the case of Krishna. Therefore he is Lord Krishna.

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत

अभ्युत्थानम् अधर्मस्य तदात्मानम् स्र्जाम्यहम्

Srimad bhagavdgeetha

Lord Krishna is the incarnation of God in India. The various activities of Krishna are worth recording and remembering to mankind. The remembrance of Krishna boasts of providing mental strength to people who have fall into depression and for wellbeing of life. The basic reason is preservation of Dharma. It is a very big incidence, the birth of God, unlike that of an ordinary man. He selected Vasudeva and Devaki as parents to be born as Krishna. Great people of this universe are born heroes.  From the very beginning day of birth, he started his assurances to the citizens, the first two being his mother and father. 

It was a locked jail and the time was midnight. To start speaking, a child may require two years but in this case, baby Krishna assured and announced to his parents, “Mother,  don’t worry”. He continued, “Father, take me to the house of your friend, Nanda Gopa and bring back his child in exchange. I shall ease the way.”  Devaki wanted to safeguard this child since it is the eighth one, all the previous seven children being slaughtered by her brother Kamsa, the King of that land. Hence immediately, Vasudeva started to his friend’s house carrying this newly born baby. It was a dark midnight with heavy raining. Also, the river Yamuna was to be crossed midway.

The snake Adishesha is considered as the resting bed of God but he was already born as the first son of Nanda Gopa, the king of Yadava land, a small kingdom in north India. The plan was so clever. In future, the first son, Balarama by name, being a prince, may inherit the Yadava kingdom. Also Krishna had frequent life threats. So it may be better to have an elder brother for security always in close proximity. It is the obligatory duty of the snake being born in the tradition of Adishesha, even though the Lord is a newborn baby. Hence, the snake spreading its hood, covering over the child and father, follows from behind till the house of Nanda Gopa. Vasudeva finished the exchange of children successfully and tried to sleep inside the jail. The child brought back was a female and started crying. Kamsa was alarmed and slaughtered it mercilessly. Later, one more female child was born at Vrindavana in the Palace of Nanda Gopa and it was named as Subhadra. Thus, three children, Balarama, Krishna and Subhadra, were brought up by Yashoda, in Nanda Gokula, the kingdom of Nanda Gopa.

It was a great task for Yashoda to look after three children. She felt it may be better if some maiden assistant is entrusted to look after Krishna, the younger son. Somehow, Kamsa got the news of the real child that it is growing in Vrindavana with the name Krishna. He sent one of his sisters named Poothani with instructions to kill the baby child. Poothani, ready with an evil plot, got the job of a maiden servant and started treating and playing with the small baby Krishna in Vrindavana Palace. In order to murder the child Krishna, she offered breast milk with severe poisons but the clever child sipped her life away from her body.  Poothani, the demon died there itself.

There are many heroic incidences during the childhood of Lord Krishna. With many children, Krishna went pasturing the cow herds in the grass land. There was a snake in the water pond and other children were afraid to go near the pond. Krishna knew the name of the snake. A fearless playful boy climbed over the hood of the snake holding its tail started dancing! Other children were bewildered by wonder and gazed the scene without knowing whether to cry or laugh! Thereafter, the snake left away the spot and all became happy.

This is only a small part of Bhagavatha. Vyasa Maharshi has written many verses, arranging in the order of various chapters in Sanskrit. Each chapter is called Skandha and there are twelve Skandhas. One could expect more parts in the forthcoming issues. Readers are kindly requested to stay tuned and browse the website frequently to read and know more about the life of Lord Krishna.

Reading of the Bhagavatha removes the sins of human beings. Krishna is honoured as the teacher of this universe and even the author Veda Vyasa salutes him. Let us also salute to him and expect a better future.

कृष्णम् वन्दे जगद्गुरुम्

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