Shreechakra, or Sri Chakra, is a yanthra designed with circles and triangles containing manthrakshara in its own deserving places, drawn using Sanskrit tantric methods. It is also available in solid block model in meru danda form called ‘Bala Tripurasundari Nilaya’. The main purpose of Shreechakra is to submit the devotional rituals in the easiest methods as an alternative path of vedic homa to have enhanced output results. Concentration is the main required quality for Shreechakra method of worship, known as ‘Shreechakropasana’.  People in the business field could not arrange fire rituals frequently. Due to time shortage, other forms such as tarpan, dwija bhojana and temple visits are not practicable simultaneously with business, timely attending of shops or factories and land cultivations. 

Shree Chakra
Shree Chakra Meru Yanthra

Along with Shreechakra, if possible, it is better to preserve one Lalitha Sahasranaama book of local readable font with the devotee, because in the Lalitha Sahasranama, explanations are available regarding the lay out and functioning of Shreechakra. One will gradually learn in due course, a little Sanskrit to understand the secrets of thousand names of Bala Tripurasundari. In case the devotee does not get sufficient time to read the book, it is sufficient if two Sanskrit scholars are invited to the room and requested to recite the book. Then there should be arrangements to offer dakshina and vegetarian meals to them. But it is not compulsory.

Works are classified as Nitya (daily), Naimithika (reasonable) and Kamya    (Desirable).  It is desirable to have prosperity and wealth in a family. Shreechakra is worshipped to achieve desirables, human wishes, but some people worship even without such motivation also. It is in any way very easy to worship Shreechakra.  Only keeping one perfume stick ignited daily or one flower in front of the Shreechakra is sufficient on the devotee’s part. The desired results are amazing. Therefore, this method is to be kept as secret (rahasya) as advised by ancient people. Vyasa Maharshi has written vedas and puranas. He has purposefully omitted the chapters relating to Shreechakra worship. These chapters belong to Brahmanda purana, but even by a thorough search, one could not see them in Brahmanda purana.  These are narrated by Agasthya muni, a contemporary of Sri Rama. The chapters are similar to Srimad Bhagavadgeetha advices known as Aditya Hridaya, and are also narrated by Agastya muni but the same is available in Ramayana.  The amazing fact is that those worshipping Shreechakra have preserved the algorithm of the same in its original form, starting from time immemorial till the establishment of Royal libraries in India.

The main desire of human being is success in business. Shree Shankaracharya has written commentaries to the verses of Lalitha sahasrnama him being the worshipper of Shreechakra. ‘Deyam Deena janaya cha vittam’ means money is to be given to the poor people. Shree Shankaracharya has written these lines in his creation ‘Bhaja Govindam’ stotram. It is believed that he has laid his Shreechakra at Thirupathi temple before leaving to Badarika ashram and from that day onwards, money offerings started flowing in at Thirupathi.

देयम् दीन जनाय च वित्तम्


Some people who determine to achieve success in life, in family matters,  such as education of children, job seeking, marriage, purchasing of land or vehicle, construction of house, procurement of flat in city, redress of grievances arisen due to court cases, are found worshipping  Shreechakra and most of them were found continuing the worship as more desires followed. Coming to analytical approach, it could be mapped into Atharva veda whereas current view of physical science may fail to explain. Artha shastra, meaning economics, is an upa-veda of Atharva veda. Shreechakra includes secrets of asta vasu (eight forms of wealth provided by Ashta Lakshmis) which provide worldly wealth items directly to the worshipper in genuine forms. Inherently, in Lalitha Sahasranama, one of the thousand names is ‘Ashta Aishwarya Dahini’. No need of scratching one’s head to decode the secrets but one can gain his or her desires by sincerely worshipping the Shreechakra.

Dharma, Artha and Kama are three major principles for true Indians. In India, there are various methods of worshipping. One is free to choose a method of worshipping to achieve his life goals. The life goals should not be thrown out of these three principles. Success is beyond doubt if one becomes the worshipper of Shreechakra. Most of the business communities in India have already accepted this method due to the easiness and flexible nature.  Even astrologers keep Shreechakra in their office at holy prominent place.

After starting devotion, even if, for some period, one abandons and again picks up after a lapse of time, there is no negative effect that one would experience, which is proved in the life of many practitioners.  Even testing the method will bring good results only. A simple photo of Shreechakra is also sufficient for worshipping.

One can expect a few more documentary articles in the forthcoming months, regarding the benefits of Shreechakra Upasana.

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