The Mountains and places available in the epic Ramayana are spread all over India. Sometimes, there are two claims for the same name of places. Some of the remains like granite architecture, temples are mementos for memorizing the names of the particular Ramayana incidents or important characters. In olden days, the names have been assigned in Sanskrit, in Ramayana. After the change of rulers of the localities, the names of the places also change due to various reasons. The names of Mountains and Places are mythological, some of them found in Ramayana are given as below:

Ayodhya river bank
  1. Ayodhya country capital: Shree Ramachandra and Sita Devi crowned in Ayodhya. All modern facilities were available in that city.  
  2. Bharatakhanda: It is the name of India. It is in Sanskrit language. The population, area and people’s habits of the period are available in the stories, to be taken in literary sense only. Long distance roads, bridges across big rivers were not available then. Once, Sita Devi had travelled from Janakpuri Palace of Nepal up to Nuwara Eliya or Ashokavana of Lanka. But demons from Lanka up to Nepal used to move frequently, prior to the crowning of Dasharatha as emperor.
  3. Chitrakoota mountain series: This region was selected for living temporarily by Rama, Sita and Lakshmana during their exile period.
  4. Dhanushkodi Bridge to Lanka: With the help of Sugriva and his countrymen, a bridge across the ocean to Lanka has been constructed.
  5. Gabhastiman Mountain: Sunlight has been scorching on this mountain.
  6. Gandhamadana Mountain: This Mountain is used for the entertainment of Gandharvas.
  7. Gandharva dweepa: Demons used to visit this group of Islands to get their food.
  8. Indra dweepa: After Marriage, kings and queens used to visit this Island.
  9. Janakapura palace: Sita has been brought up there by her father; the repaired Palace still exists now.
  10. Kailasa hills: The medicinal plant was brought from this hill by Hanuman and it is called Amritha Sanjeevini.
  11. Kishkindha country: Country of Vali and Sugriva, monkey king brothers. People claim the UNESCO site at Hampi of Karnataka resembles this country.
  12. Kosala country: It was ruled by Shree Rama and its capital was Ayodhya. River Sarayu is flowing in this region. Public roads and bridges have been built from the primitive times in this region and all roads maintained as all-time motorable.  
  13. Kusetutama peninsular: It is one of the nine groups of Islands.
  14. Lakshmanavati: A palace has been built for Lakshmana here. Later, the name has been renamed as Lucknow.
  15. Lanka city: A very beautiful city and the capital of Lanka. The Palace of Ravana was here within a secured Fort. When the tail of Hanuman was covered with clothes and ignited, Hanuman had spread the fire into the wooden palaces and most of the trees of Ashokavana, but the damages caused have been reinstated within a minimum period of one week by the crafts men under the supervision of Vishwakarma.
  16. Lanka Island: It has not changed and could not be changed by human beings. Vibhishana has been crowned as the king of Lanka Island. He will never die. It is a boon called a Chiranjeevi, provided by Shree Rama in recognition of his love for his country and Dharma.
  17. Lavapura: Lavapura is built by Lava and he lived in that palace. It may be present Lahore and history says there is a temple on his name.
  18. Mahendra seven mountain series: It is a mountain series and Parasurama is always performing penance there.
  19. Malaya parvata: It is a mountain existing in Malaya.
  20. Mithila nagar: Queen Kausalya has been brought up in the palace of Mithila. Kausalya had been married to Dasharatha, and Shree Rama is the son of Kausalya.
  21. Nagadweepa: One of the holy seven Islands.
  22. Nuwara Eliya or Ashokavana: A place in Lanka where Sita has been accommodated prior to war between Rama and Ravana.
  23. Pampa sarovar: A big natural water reservoir within the country of Kishkindha .
  24. Panchavati hill series: Rama had lived in this place to protect the sages in Chitrakoota. It is in between Chitrakoota and Dandakaranya. From Dandakaranya, the demons used to attack the sages for their food frequently. 
  25. Pariyatra Mountain: One of the nine mountain series.
  26. Prastravana Mountain: One of the nine mountain series.
  27. Prayaga Bharadwajashrama: It is the confluence place of River Ganga and Yamuna and sage Bharadwaja has built his Ashram there.
  28. Pushkalavati: A city built during the era of Rama.
  29. Rameshwaram: After killing Ravana, Rama and Sita worshipped the God Shivalinga here. It is a temple having the largest corridor in the world.
  30. Rishyamukha Mountain: Sugriva lived here with Hanuman. Vali was prohibited to enter into this mountain.
  31. Ruksha Mountain: One of the nine mountain series in Ramayana.
  32. Sahya Mountain: One of the nine mountain series in Ramayana.
  33. Shaktiman Mountain: One of the nine mountain series in Ramayana.
  34. Soumyadweepa: One of the seven Island series in Ramayana.
  35. Takshashila: Son of Bharata, Takshaka has been crowned in Takshashila and later the place became popular as a good education center.
  36. Tamaravarna hill: A Mountain in Lanka, appearing in Ramayana.
  37. Tamraparni mouintain: The Highest Mountain peak in Lanka.
  38. Valmiki Ashrama: Rishi Valmiki has built a hermitage here. Lava and Kusha have born here. Ramayana has been written here.
  39. Varuna dweepa: One of the seven Island series in Ramayana.
  40. Vindhyachala Mountain: One of the nine mountain series in Ramayana.
  41. Vrishabha hill: The medicinal plant was procured from this hill by Jambava and it is called Amritha Sanjeevini. This hill is a part of Kailash Mountain and Hanuman carried it from Kailash to Lanka and back for the treatment of Lakshmana and others during Lanka War.

Our morning prayer include the following lines:

सप्तार्णवाः सप्त कुलाचलाश्च सप्तर्षयो द्वीप वनानि सप्त ।
भूरादि कृत्वा भुवनानि सप्त कुर्वन्तु सर्वे मम सुप्रभातम् ॥

The meaning is, the seven holy Seas, the seven big holy Mountains, the seven holy Sages, the seven holy Islands, the seven holy forests, starting from Earth, the seven Universes all of them bless me a beneficial morning daily.

It is humbly prayed for the blessings of God Rama upon us.

Next post, being of Khara Dooshana and Kumbhakarna of Ramayana, may not be missed. The names of Rivers and forests would be listed separately and would be posted in another article. Readers may provide feedback and share this story with friends and family.

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