Subhadravivaha Parva is the eighteenth upa parva included in the first maha parva, named as Adi parva, in Mahabharata. Vyshampayana had narrated the historical events to Janamejaya, on his queries:

How Krishna appreciated Arjuna as the most suitable bridegroom for Subhadra?

Krishna wanted to convince Balarama and his father Vasudeva regarding the marriage of Subhadra with Arjuna. Initially, Balarama was thinking to select either Duryodhana or Bhima, since both of them had learned mace fight under Balarama. Krishna started to tell about the various special capabilities of Arjuna. Krishna had performed penance with Arjuna at Prabhasa. Both of them had attended the festival at Raivata Mountain together. God Shiva had been pleased to bless Arjuna and when Krishna told the facts, Balarama was convinced.

Abhimanyu, son of Arjuna, with wife Uttara

What was the inference of Balarama regarding the marriage of Subhadra?

Krishna told to Balarama and his father, regarding the attitude of Arjuna. Since the method of compromising would be always better than fighting, there would not be a failure of fear if compromised with Arjuna. Balarama inferred the consent of Subhadra. Since Balarama always relied on the words of Krishna, he agreed to give Subhadra in marriage to Arjuna.   

What was the name of gold coins used for donations during Subhadra wedding?

Vasudeva and Balarama had donated many cows along with many gold coins to the learned persons, and got their blessings, for the happy future life of Subhadra and her husband. The gold coins were called as Nishka.

Whom did Subhadra visit at Khandavaprastha after her marriage?

After marriage, Subhadra had visited Kunti and Draupadi at Khandavaprastha. Kunti and Draupadi had blessed Subhadra and gave her many beautiful royal dresses, with gems and jewelries.

Who had visited Subhadra with donations from her paternal house?

Krishna and Balarama had visited Subhadra from her paternal house, with many donations. Bhima was a disciple of Balarama and they felt happy to become relatives. Krishna had visited Subhadra and enquired about her life in Khandavaprastha. Then, Subhadra was pregnant and on the next night, she requested Krishna to tell her some stories before sleeping that night. Krishna was a great warrior also. He detailed Subhadra on how to break the Chakravyuha, a war technique, when the enemies were forming a circle around their commander in protection. After a few moments, Subhadra had slept but the small baby in her womb was hearing the remaining stories from Krishna. Then, Krishna also slept without completing the story. After a few months, Abhimanyu had born to Subhadra as a blessed son of Arjuna.

यस्मिन्जाते महाबाहुः कुन्तिपुत्रो युधिष्ठिरः ।
अयुतम् गा द्विजातिभ्यः प्रादान्निष्कान्श्च तावतः ॥

Meaning: On the birth of the boy, the long handed Yudhishtira, the son of Kunti, had donated ten thousands of cows to the learned scholars with an equal amount of gold coins, called as Nishka.

How many children did Subhadra have?

Subhadra had one child, the famous character of Mahabharat, Abhimanyu.

How many children did Draupadi have?

Draupadi had five children who were born to the five husbands at a time gap of one year each. The son of Yudhishtira was able to get great knowledge and he was named as Prativindya. Bhima’s son, as predicted during birth, would be having great popularity and able to influence like thousand times of the Somayaga Prasada and thus he was named as Somasutha. The son of Arjuna was able to get great virtues as the father Arjuna had undergone pilgrimage with Shrautha Karmas and hence was named as Shruthakarma.

Nakula’s son was able to get great popularity like the old Rajarshi Shatanika and so he was also named as Shatanika. The son of Sahadeva was born after worshipping the fire God with Vedic chanting and hence he was named as Shruthasena, a Sanskrit word, meaning army of vedic verses. All the five children of Draupadi and Abhimanyu were playing happily with good brotherhood feeling. Hence the parents were very happy.

Who was the priest for Pandava Children for naming and hair dressing etc.?

Dhaumya Rishi was the priest for Pandava children for naming and hair dressing. After attaining the fifth year, each one was administered the first letter writing. Later, on reaching the eighth year, the children were successively equipped with the sacred threads also. All these cultural functions had been completed by Dhaumya Rishi.

Who was the teacher of Pandava children at Khandavaprastha?

Arjuna was a great warrior and a great saint also. He was having plenty of free time and used to play with children. Arjuna had taught all the war related sciences to the young Pandava children.

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