Indralokagamana Parva is the thirty second upa parva included in the third maha parva, named as Vana parva or Aranyaka parva in the epic Mahabharat. The original epic was composed by Vyasa in Sanskrit. This upa parva is also called as Indralokabhigamana. Vyshampayana had narrated to Janamejaya the historical
events, happened in the forests on his queries.

How Arjuna travelled to Indraloka?

Indra had sent his chariot with the charioteer Matali to pick up Arjuna to Indraloka. Matali had carried him to the Indraloka. When Arjuna sat in the chariot with Matali, one would think Arjuna as Indra as the view was very magnificent.

Arjuna travelling to Indraloka with Matali on Indra's chariot
Arjuna chauffeured by Matali to Indraloka
How Arjuna was greeted at Indraloka?
विश्वावसुप्रभृतिभिर्गन्धर्वैः स्तुतिवन्दनैः ।
स्तूयमानं द्विजाग्रैश्च ऋग्युजुः सामसंस्तवैः ॥

Meaning: When Arjuna had alighted from the divine chariot at Indraloka, he heard the praising melodious verses sung by Vishvavasu and his team of Gandharvas.

Arjuna had heard the melodious verses of Rigveda, Yajurveda and Samaveda sung by the team of learned Brahmins. Thus the greeting was a pleasant experience for him. Later, many had saluted him. He also saluted to those who appeared as elders to him. He was offered a seat very near to the seat of Indra.

What was the advance plans done by Indra in favour of Arjuna and Yudhishtira?

When Arjuna had alighted in Indraloka, Lomasha Rishi was there. Indra had instructed him to go near Yudhishtira and explain him regarding the values of pilgrimages. Indra had ordered Chaitraratha to show Arjuna the store house of weapons and give him the weapons as per his requirements, and to also give him proper training to use them. In Indraloka later, Apsara and Urvashi had taught him dancing, with additional skills of recitations and playing various musical instruments.

What Dritarashtra told to Sanjaya when he felt sorry for the sinful acts of his son Duryodhana?

Dritarashtra told to Sanjaya regarding his inabilities to mend his son. He was canvased by Duryodhana and due to Shakuni the sinful acts were done by them. Karna who had spoken harshly, was also with Duryodhana and Dritarashtra was afraid of the war and guessed the destruction by Pandavas in future.

How Pandava brothers had spent without Arjuna at Kamyakavana?

Lomasha Rishi had great ascetic powers, and arrived at Kamyakavana. He started to explain the values of pilgrimage to Yudhishtira. He knew many things hence told the Pandava brothers many stories to pass their time in the absence of Arjuna, gaining virtues, also by visiting many holy places as pilgrimage. The story of Chyavana and Sukanya had been narrated by Lomasha to Yudhishtira.

Why Arjuna got the privilege to go to Indraloka but Yudhishtira got only at final Mahaprasthanika to heaven?

The journey of Arjuna to Indraloka and Yudhishtira’s final Mahaprasthanika to heaven were entirely different in purposes. Also the eligibility was the first criteria to enter into the Svargaloka. Arjuna had already performed pilgrimage for twelve years, as narrated with the heading as Arjunavanavasa under Adi parva and gained virtues hence he was eligible to enter the world of Indra, say Svargaloka.

Yudhishtira was eligible to go to heaven with his physical body only in the final Mahaprasthanika, due to performances of Dharma as well as pilgrimages. Arjuna had gone to Indraloka to collect the weapons and to have training in the use of sophisticated weapons to wage war against demons or humans living with the attitudes of demons. The target places of their visits were also different. Arjuna had visited the secret store house of weapons of Indra guarded by Urvashi. Yudhishtira had to sit in the front row of the Indra Sabha as an honorable king. Arjuna had travelled in the chariot of Matali and returned by the same vehicle. Yudhishtira would never return back and hence was escorted by Indra with Yama finally.

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