Vaivahika Parva is the thirteenth upa parva in the first maha parva, named as Adi parva, in the epic Mahabharata. Vyshampayana had narrated the historical events to Janamejaya, on his queries:

What was the opinion of King Drupada regarding his son in laws?

King Drupada was very happy to know about his sons in laws. He wished to give away his daughter in marriage to Pandavas. When Drupada learnt that the successful people of swayamvara were the Pandavas, he felt extremely happy. He decided to conduct a feast to the guests of swayamvara with the Pandavas and sent through his priest, an invition to Pandavas for attending the feast.

Swayamvar of Draupadi; Arjuna aiming the arrow at the hung fish over an oil vessel
Draupadi Swayamvara
Who was the priest for Draupadi swayamvara?

The great sage Dhaumya was the priest for conducting Draupadi’s wedding.

What was the valid reason, that Vyasa told Pandavas for Draupadi’s marriage ?

Vyasa told Pandava brothers, the wedding of Draupadi was predetermined by Gods and angels. When she was born through the ritual fire, Earth was in need of a family to get rid of the burden of Dharma chyuti. More over, in the previous life as partial incarnation of Shachi Devi, she had conducted penance to get a good husband. God Shiva appeared before her and asked for her desired boon. She repeatedly asked to grant husband for her, five times. In each case, God had agreed to grant, and waited for their arrival at the right time. In the current life, she was eligible to get five husbands and hence the Pandavas were made as her husbands. Vyasa was knowing the future incidences also. He appreciated the wedding of Draupdi with the five Pandava brothers, since it had strengthened the family bond, within the Pandava fimily.     

How Kunti reacted to the wedding of Draupadi?

Kunti had initiated Draupadi to marry the five Pandava brothers, her sons. She thought her children would live in the strength of unity by marrying  Draupadi. Hence Kunti treated Draupadi with cordial relationship. 

How Krishna  reacted to the wedding of Draupadi?

Krishna had gifted valuable clothes and diamonds to the newly wedded Pandava brothers and Draupadi. He gifted Kunti also with clothes and valuable ornaments.

How a singe bride married Pancha Pandavas?

Draupadi had agreed to marry all the five Pandava brothers. The great sage Dhaumya had performed the wedding rituals. King Drupada had arranged the preparations. On the day of Paushya star, Yudhishtira had married Draupadi in the morning. In the afternoon, she remained as a bride and arranged for the next day’s wedding with Bheema. Similarly, on the second day, Bheema had married Draupadi in the morning. In the afternoon, she remained as a bride and arranged for the next day’s wedding with Arjuna. On the fourth and fifth days, Draupadi had married Nakula and Sahadva respectively.

The Panchala king Drupada had gifted their daughter, good shelter and dresses for leading a good life.

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