Viduragama Parva is the fourteenth upa parva in the first maha parva, named as Adi parva, in Mahabharata. Vyshampayana had narrated the historic events to Janamejaya, on his queries:

How the news of Pandavas’ marriage with Draupadi reached Hastinapura?

After attending the swayamvara of Draupadi, from the next day onwards, Duryodhana and Karna had attended the wedding feasts in Panchala capital for five days and King Drupada had declared the Pandava brothers as his sons in laws. Even though Karna and Duryodhana attended the ceremonies, they had felt jealous of the Pandava brothers enjoying the royal treatments from Drupada. Then they returned to Hastinapur and reported to the royal family members of the Palace including Vidura. Initially, Dritarashtra thought Duryodhana had married Draupadi but later Vidura gave him the clarity regarding the real situation of the swayamvara and how it was concluded. 

Who told Dritarashtra regarding the marriage of Pandavas?

Duryodhana had carried the news to Hastinapura. Vidura had told Dritarashtra regarding the marriage of Pandavas with Draupadi. 

How Dritarashtra reacted when he heard Pandavas were married to Draupadi?

Dritarashtra felt happy to know Drupada had become his relative and initially thought Duryodhana had married Draupati. Later Vidura had cleared his doubts. He was convinced to think both Pandava brothers and Duryodhana and his brothers were alike to him and felt happy.

What was Dritarashtra’s instructions to Vidura?

Dritarashtra  instructed  Vidura to advise him regarding the actions further required to receive the Pandava brothers, after Draupadi swayamvara.

What was Duryodhana’s request with Dritarashtra?

When Vidura had gone out of sight, Duryodhana had started to tell Dritarashtra adversely on Pandava brothers. Duryodhana anticipated loss of the power due to Pandava brothers. Hence Dritarashtra was requested by Duryodhana to give some problems to the Pandava brothes. He suggested to separate the five Pandava brothers within themselves, raising quarrels. Other wise, by tempting Drupada to separate him from Pandava brothers. The intention of Duryodhana was to decrease the power of Yudhishtira. He could not tolerate the prosperity of Pandava brothers. 

What was suggested by Karna to Dritarashtra  with respect to Pandavas?

Karna was over confident on his physical abilities and he was a war lover. He suggested Dritarashtra to declare a war with Yudhishtira. As a friend of Duryodhana, Karna would help him in war and would try to defeat Yudhishtira. He supported Duryodhana and told Dritarashtra to wage a war since Pandava brothers would not be defeated by any other legal methods.

What was suggested by Bheeshma to Dritarshtra with respect to Pandavas?

Bheeshma expressed his happiness to Dritashtra to know about Draupadi swayamvara and the success of Pandava brothers. He openly narrated his feelings about Kaurava brothers and Pandava brothers. He would treat them equally. As per his opinion, it would be better to call back Pandava brothers and give some land to them as they were sons of the deceased Pandu king. They were eligible to inherit the portion of the country, hence Duryodhana and all brothers would live as good brothers.

What was suggested by Drona to Dritarshtra with respect to Pandavas?

Drona also expressed his happiness to Dritarashtra to know about Draupadi swayamvara and the success of the Pandavas. He openly narrated his feelings about Duryodhana and his brothers and the Pandava brothers. He also would treat them equally. His opinion was also to call back Pandava brothers and give some land to them as they were eligible to inherit the portion of the country and thus Duryodhana and all the brothers would live as good siblings. He could continue the friendship with Drupada also.

Why Mahakarni and Ambuveecha were referred by Karna ?

Karna desired to shine before Duryodhana by showing his physical strength and was willing to fight with Arjuna. Hence Karna requested Dritarashtra not to accept the suggestions of Bheeshma or Drona as they were old in age and could not be practical for the friendship methods with Drupada. One should not be dependant on the suggestions of his ministers.

In order to support his suggestion, he referred to the case of Mahakarni and Ambuveecha of Magadha kingdom. Mahakarni was a king fully bed ridden and his minister Ambuveechi was ruling on his behalf. Later, Ambuveechi had grabbed his country and till his end, he could not recover his country back.

How Drona offered a final decision to bring back Pandavas?

Drona was a good friend of Drupada then. He desired peace and preferred it than war. Hence he politely instructed Dritarashtra to send for Pandava brothers and call them back to Hastinapur.Drona supported the views of Bheeshma regarding Pandava brothers, Kunti and Draupadi. Dritarashtra had faith on the abilities of Drona and decided to to act as per the views of Drona.

How Vidura offered a final opinion on Pandavas comparing war and peace?

Dritarashtra again told Vidura to go to Panchala and get the confidence of Pandava brothers, Kunti and Draupadi. Vidura was already under instructions to convey the good wishes of Drona also. Bheeshma had already expressed his willingness to call back Pandava brothers to Hastinapur and offer the eligible part of land to settle themselves. All these items had been debated with Dritarashtra and Vidura and finally Vidura had offered his final opinions. He preferred peace rather than war and would go and try to call back Pandava brothers under orders of Dritarashtra.

How Vidura acted to bring back Pandavas from Panchala to Hastinapur?

Vidura visited the Palace of Drupada. He was welcomed by Drishtadyumna and all his brothers and Droupadi. There, Vidura had met with Krishna and Arjuna also. After greetings were over, Vidura started to praise Dritarashtra. The marriage of Draupadi had made everybody in Hastinapura happy. The Hastinapur people felt happy to know Pandava brothers and Kunti were still alive. He praised Drupada and Drishtadyumna also for conducting the swayamvara in a peaceful manner. He praised Bheeshma and Drona and convinced the Pandava brothers as they were eager to see for their arrival at Hastinapura. Krishna and Arjuna heard the narrations of Vidura. Drupada had been convinced.

Vidura had brought new clothes for Pandava brothers, and gems and ornaments for Kunti and Draupadi.Vidura had offered the items to the concerned persons as per the instructions of Dritarashtra. After getting permission of Drupada, Vidura had left to Hastinapura with a satisfaction of success in his task.He had sent speed runners to Dritarashtra with the message of return of the Pandavas to Hastinapura.

This upaparva is also called as Viduragamana parva in few versions.  

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