Rajyalabha Parva is the fifteenth upa parva included in the first maha parva, namely the Adi parva in Mahabharata. Vyshampayana had narrated the historic events to Janamejaya, on his queries:

What did Pandavas do after Vidura had visited Panchala?

Pandavas discussed with Krishna and asked permission of Drupada to go to Hastinapur and to accompany Kunti and Draupadi with them.

Who was the main witness for the farewell of Pandavas from Panchala?

Krishna was the main witness for the farewell of Pandavas from Panchala. Drupada with Drishtadyumna had given many gifts to Pandavas and Kunti. Drupada had given sufficient dresses, gems and travel accessories for Draupadi to travel to Hastinapur happily with the Pandava brothers.  

What did Dritarashtra do when Pandavas started to Hastinapura?

On hearing the news of Pandavas’ arrival to Hastinapur, Dritarashtra arranged his city to receive them with public functions. Vikarna and other brothers of Duryodhana arranged the external decoration works. Duryodhana and Drona arranged the internal decoration works of the Hastinapur Palace. Dritarashtra wanted to get rid of his allegations as he had not intended to kill Pandavas when the lacquere palace was burnt. Bheeshma was also involved actively to receive Pandava brothers as per the wish of Dritarashtra.

How the people of Hastinapur received Pandavas?

The people of Hastinapur felt very happy to hear the news of arrival of Pandava brothers back to the palace. While the team had entered the gate of the palace, they shouted loudly with happiness, praising the father of Arjuna, the deceased king Pandu, as the forest lover king’s children had come back alive. They were interested to meet Pandava brothers with Draupadi.

What did Dritarashtra do when Pandavas arrived at Hastinapura?

After Yudhishtira and his brothers took a little rest inside the palace, Dritarashtra had called for them. Yudhishtira and his brothers greeted all the elders, Drona, Bheeshma and all elderly women of the palace. Then they met with Dritarashtra. Dritarashtra advised them to go to Khandavaprastha and live happily there to avoid further opinion differences with Duryodhana. In Khandavaprastha, Pandava brothers with Kunti and Draupadi would lead peaceful life as he expected.

How was Khandavaprastha palace built?

Khandavaprastha was also called as Indraprastha. The palace for Pandava brothers was built in this place after allotment from Dritarashtra as befitted for the sons of late Pandu with a portion of the country as the place of its headquarters. Vyasa had suggested a good muhurtam (auspicious time) to commence the measurement of the land to build the palace. Krishna had helped the Pandava brothers to build the palace at Khandavaprastha. The palace had a very big gate to receive any kind of chariots and elephants. On both sides of the main road, there were big halls called as Shwetha Bhavanas to accommodate large number of guests and military troops. Outside the gate, on both sides of the road, trees were planted for fruits and flowers to give a live look towards the palace.    

Who lived in Khandavaprastha palace?

In the newly built palace, Yudhistira with Draupadi and Kunti started to live with other Pandava brothers. Draupadi and Kunti were happy to live in the new palace as queen and royal mother. Yudhishtira and other brothers started to look after the people under their portion of land so as to make them feel happy in life. 

Who were the main witnesses for the Khandavaprastha Palace ?

Vyasa and Krishna from Dwaraka with his elder brother, Balarama were the main guests, during the inauguration of the new Indraprastha palace. The guests had left the palace after inauguration, and blessed the Pandava brothers for a good life.   

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