Jarasandha vadha is the twenty third upa parva included in the second Maha parva named Sabha parva in the epic, Mahabharata. Vyshampayana had narrated the historical events to Janamejaya on his queries:

How Krishna planned to face Jarasandha with Bhima and Arjuna?

Krishna had accompanied Arjuna and Bhima for facing Jarasandha. They would move without any weapons and enter his palace from the rear door. Then, Jarasandha would fight with Bhima like wrestling, since his two commandos Hamsa and Dibhaka had drowned in the River Yamuna, and their death had been announced.  There were three drums installed on the top of a mountain and they had damaged it on reaching the Magadha town. It was meant for alarming the army so they disabled it.

Bhima splitting Jarasandha into two and thus killing him
Bhima splitting Jarasandha into two (Credits: Quora)

How the trio Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna had entered the palace of Jarasandha?

The trio had entered the palace of Jarasandha through the rear side door. It was night and they got dressed as scholars, having no weapons.

What happened to the duo commandos of Jarasandha?

Actually, the announcement was made as one of the commandos Hamsa had drowned in the River water of Yamuna. When the news of the death of Hamsa was heard by the second one, Dibhaka, he had also plunged into River Yamuna and ended his own life. The first one had later seen the dead body of the second one and he also plunged into River Yamuna with grievance and really died. Thus, both the commandos of Jarasandha had died.

What had been asked by Jarasandha?

When the trio Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna had entered the palace of Jarasandha, they had been requested to be seated by him. Jarasandha had asked about their identities. They appeared as strange scholars, but on observing them closely, Jarasandha could recognize the marks on the skin of their shoulders due to hanging quivers and heavy bows and according to the protocols, Brahmins could not do so. Hence he asked for more truthful details about them.

What had been answered by Krishna?

Krishna told the truth. He told the other persons were Arjuna and Bhima. They came as enemies against him.

What reason had been offered by Krishna for the enmity with Jarasandha?

Krishna explained to Jarasandha that they were sympathizers with the kings who had been jailed by him. Hence they would be treated as his enemies.

Whom did Jarasandha choose to fight?

Jarasandha had selected Bhima as the fighter against him. Jarasandha had already crowned his own son, Sahadeva and later started the fight with Bhima.

How many days the fight between Jarasandha and Bhima had continued?

Similar to wrestling, Bhima and Jarasandha had fought for fourteen days continuously.

How Krishna had signalled Bhima?

Krishna had plucked one small plant from the ground and divided the twigs into two separate parts and threw them away when Bhima had seen Krishna. Thus Krishna had signalled him to split the body of Jarasandha into two parts and Bhima had done so causing the death of Jarasandha.  

What Bhima had done on the fourteenth day?

Bhima had split the body of Jarasandha into two parts causing the death of Jarasandha.

Who had been crowned in Magadha after the death of Jarasandha?

Krishna had crowned Sahadeva, the son of Jarasandha after his death. 

What Bhima told to the captivated kings?

All the captivated kings had been made free. Bhima told to the captivated kings to come and attend the Rajasuya yaga with their family members and kinsmen. They had already donated wealth, gems and valuable clothes for Bhima and Krishna. Arjuna had invited Sahadeva, the son of Jarasandha, to Indraprastha to attend the Rajasuya yaga. Sahadeva had already donated wealth, gems and valuable clothes to Bhima.

What happened to the captivated kings in Magadha?

The captivated kings were happy when they had been liberated from jail in Magadha. They went to their own hometowns to rule their kingdoms.

What Krishna told to Yudhishtira after killing Jarasandha?

Krishna told Yudhishtira regarding the death of Jarasandha and the crowning of Sahadeva. He advised him to carry over for the success of Rajasuyayaga. 

Where did Krishna go after killing Jarasandha?

Krishna with Arjuna and Bhima had returned to Indraprastha with collected donations and wealth. They had submitted them to Yudhishtira. Later, Krishna had returned to Dwaraka to see his father, Vasudeva.

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