Digvijaya parva is the twenty fourth upa parva included in the second maha parva named Sabha parva in Mahabharata. Various compilations of this epic are numbered differently and this one upa parva may be numbered with different sequences in them. Vyshampayana had narrated the historical events to Janamejaya, on his queries:

In which direction had Arjuna moved for Digvijaya?

Arjuna had moved for the Digvijaya in the northern direction. After getting the blessings of learned scholars for victory, he had started with his army after getting blessings of learned scholars.

Arjuna going for Digvijaya
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How many days Arjuna had fought with Bhagadatta?

Arjuna had fought with Bhagadatta for eight days and got the victory. Arjuna got many donations for the yaga from the kingdom of Bhagadatta.

How many islands Arjuna had conquered?

Arjuna had conquered seven islands.

Which were the important places where Arjuna had collected donations?

Arjuna had got donations from Kashmir, present-day Singapore, Bangladesh, Cambodia and all northern regions beyond Himalaya Mountains.

What were the special colours of the horses, collected by Arjuna, beyond the north of the Himalayan regions?

Arjuna had got many horses as donations for the use of exhibition chariots during yaga. Some of the horses were bearing attractive colours. Beyond the northern region above Himalaya, he got horses bearing colours of parrots and peacocks.

In which direction had Bhima moved for Digvijaya?

Bhima had moved for Digvijaya in the Eastern direction.

How the king Shishupala had treated Bhima?

Shishupala was very friendly with Bhima. Shishupala had treated Bhima for thirty days as a good guest and provided to his military men all the facilities for further conquest in the eastern direction.

How the king of Kosala had treated Bhima?

The king of Kosala, Brihadbala had treated Bhima as a good guest and donated many valuable items for the yaga. He had assured all his support for the Rajasuya.

How the king of Ayodhya had treated Bhima?

The king of Ayodhya, Dirghaprajna, treated Bhima as a good guest and donated many valuable items for the yaga. He had assured all his support for the Rajasuya.

How Bhima had utilized the military services of the son of Jarasandha?

Since Jarasandha was killed during the wrestling, Bhima had consoled his son, Sahadeva. Sahadeva extended his military support to Bhima to further conquer eastern kingdoms. Hence Bhima got many donations from Singapore, Cambodia, Anga, Bangla and many other areas of eastern countries.

How the king Bhishmaka and his son Rukma treated Sahadeva?

King Bhishmaka and his son Rukma treated Sahadeva as their own related guests since they were close relatives of Krishna. They provided many valuable items to him.

In which direction Sahadeva had moved for Digvijaya?

Sahadeva had moved to the southern side for Digvijaya. He got many donations from present-day Karnataka, Kerala and Chola kings.

What Agnideva had done to Sahadeva?

Sahadeva had entered the kingdom called Mahishmati. Previously, a queen ruled that kingdom and worshipped God, Agnideva. Later, she got a boon in the form of fire protection for the Mahishmati. When Sahadeva entered that kingdom, he had to face a fire mishap. Sahadeva was advancing for the success of Rajasuyayaga which was also nothing but to satisfy fire God. Thus, Sahadeva praised and prayed to Fire God, Agni, and Agni, pleased to allow his troops to move safely, still further southern regions. 

How Vibhishana treated Sahadeva?

The Vibhishana referred to in this contest might be the legal heir of the former Vibhishana who lived during Ramayana. Moreover, Vibhishana is a Chiranjeevi who lived forever, called as always living. They had also donated many valuable items to Sahadeva for the Rajasuya yaga that would be done by Yudhishtira.  

Vibhishana had treated Sahadeva similar to the original Vibhishana who had treated God Rama with reverence.

Which were the important places Sahadeva had collected donations?

Sahadeva had got donations from the Southern regions. Some of the important kings belonged to Karnataka, Chola, Kerala and Mahishmati.

In which direction Nakula had moved for Digvijaya?

Nakula had moved in the western direction for Digvijaya.

Which were the important places Nakula had collected donations?

Nakula had collected donations from his relatives, who were ruled under Krishna at Dwaraka. Almost all kings in the west were very friendly with Krishna. They had donated to Nakula for the Rajasuyayaga, many valuable gems and clothes. In the western areas, camels were common and Sahadeva had got eight thousand camels as donations. He loaded huge wealth over camels and returned to the palace and submitted to Yudhishtira, for the Rajasuyayaga.

What Yudhishtira had done during Digvijaya?

Yudhishtira was properly accounting the wealth people had donated for the Rajasuya yaga by remaining at Indraprastha. Draupadi was helping him in financial administrations. All the people in the palace town were fully engaged for the Rajasuyayaga with Yudhishtira to make the event a grandeur.

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