Arghyasamarpana parva is the twenty sixth upa parva included in the second maha parva, named as sabha parva, in the epic Mahabharata. Various names are assigned to this upa parva in different versions like Agrapuja, Arghyabhiharana etc. Vyshampayana had narrated the historical events to Janamejaya, on his queries:

What had been observed by Narada during Rajasuyayaga?

Narada had observed the huge pomp and show in the Rajasuyayaga of Yudhishtira. He had simply waited at the entrance gate by hiding using a deer skin. He felt as if God Vishnu was in the seat when Krishna was worshipped there. 

A Brahmin standing in the middle of a water body, looking up towards the Sun (Surya God) and offering the holy water
Representative image of Arghya samarpana
What did Yudhishtira ask Bhishma at the conclusion of Rajasuya?

Yudhishtira had asked Bhishma to whom the first honor was to be offered in Rajasuya.

What had been done by Sahadeva during Rajasuya?

Sahadeva had done the Agrapuja of Krishna as per the directions of Bhishma and on getting his sanction. It was done after obtaining the permissions of all priests of the Rajasuya rituals gathered there. He offered the first honor to Krishna.

Who didn’t like the first honor offered to Krishna and why?

Shishupala didn’t like the first honor offered to Krishna. The main reason for the actions of Shishupala is a separate story and elaborated in Bhagavatha. Krishna had killed Kamsa and Jarasandha. Shishupala had more attachments towards these delinquents. Hence Shishupala did not like Krishna. 

What were the various thoughts Shishupala announced as to why Krishna did not deserve the first honor?

Drona was there as a teacher of highest honor. The father of Krishna, Vasudeva, and elder brother, Balarama, were in the halls who were elder than Krishna. It was a Rajasuya yaga and Krishna was not a Raja (or king) whereas Balarama was a king in Dwaraka. Regarding the Vedas, Vyasa was present there. According to the views of Shishupala, he announced that Krishna did not deserve the first honor.

How did Yudhishtira console Shishupala?

Yudhishtira consoled Shishupala by saying that the opinions of Bhishma are conclusive as he was very aged and experienced in the world. Sahadeva had done the Agrapuja of Krishna with considerations of the expert opinions.

How Bhishma had supported the eligibility of Krishna for first honor with Arghya?

Bhishma had appreciated Krishna as he was the sole victorious man among all the kings present there. Krishna was honored in the entire world and hence he was eligible for the first honor.

How Shishupala was rated by Bhishma?

Bhishma declared Shishupala as lacking knowledge and that he was like a child.

What had Sahadeva done at the end of Rajasuya yaga?

At the end of Rajasuya, after offering Agrapuja to Krishna, Sahadeva had worshipped all the priests of the Rajasuya rituals and all elder kings. He had finished the Rajasuya yaga related performances as per instructions of Bhishma and Yudhishtira. All the guests had been satisfied except Shishupala since he was outside the hall abusing Krishna and Bhishma.

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