Shishupalavadha parva is the twenty seventh upa parva included in the second maha parva, named as sabha parva, in the epic Mahabharata. Various compilations of this epic are numbered differently and this one upa parva may be numbered in a different fashion in them. Vyshampayana had narrated the historical events to Janamejaya, on his queries:

What did Yudhishtira do when the king of Chedi, Shishupala had revolted in the Rajasuya, gathering with his supported kings?

Yudhishtira had consulted Bhishma for further actions needed when the king of Chedi, Shishupala had revolted in the Rajasuya gathering with his supported kings.

Shishupala dying at the hands of Lord Krishna by his Chakra (revolving disc)
Shishupala dying at the hands of Lord Krishna
What was told by Bhishma?

Bhishma was a senior ruler, aged and experienced. Bhishma told Yudhishtira not to be worried about Shishupala since Krishna had rightfully deserved the first honor.

How Shishupala had abused Bhishma?

Bhishma had been observing celibacy throughout his life but Shishupala had made fun of him with abusive words. He was a faithful son to Shantanu but Shishupala had told his character as low without knowing about Bhishma. 

What Shishupala told about Jarasandha?

Krishna had killed Jarasandha since Jarasandha had resorted to human sacrifice. He told Jarasandha had treated Krishna and Arjuna as good guests initially, but Krishna was not thankful to Jarasandha.  Shishupala was an ally to Jarasandha.

What Shishupala told about Bhima?

Shishupala had told Bhima had cheated Jarasandha. He abused Bhima as a betrayer.

How Bhishma pacified Bhima and predicted about Shishipala and his death?

When Bhima was furious on hearing the abusive words of Shishupala, he wished to protest, but Bhishma had held his hands and pacified with his words. Bhishma told about the birth of Shishupala and he knew how he would die also. 

Shishupala had born as a baby to the king of Chedi, named as Damghosh. His mother was Shrutashrava. She was the sister of Vasudeva and Kunti. When Shishupala was born he had an extra hand and eye. His parents consulted many persons to make normal the baby.

As a close relative, one day, Balarama and Krishna had visited the palace of Chedi and as a small baby Krishna took it and placed on his lap. Immediately, the extra hand and eye disappeared and an announcement was also heard as the death of Shishupala would be from Krishna only. Then his mother Shrutashrava begged Krishna to pardon Shishipala and not to kill him. Krishna assured Shrutashrava as he would forgive his mistakes hundred times but if he commits the next, one more mistake, then he would not tolerate and would kill him. In the Bhagavata, Shishupala’s story had been more detailed and it was related to the Purana story of Ravana Jaya-Vijaya and Vishnu’s incarnations.

Bhishma was confident about Krishna and knew his death would happen only by Krishna and not by Bhima. Hence he stopped Bhima and pacified.   

What had been done by the mother of Shishupala to remove his extra organs?

Shrutashrava, mother of Shishupala allowed to place the baby, on the laps of Krishna. Then the extra organs had been automatically removed and the child had become normal. 

How Shishipala had continued his abuses towards Krishna and Bhishma?

Shishupala had abused both Bhishma and Krishna. He told Bhishma was living under the palace as a dog. He told Krishna had betrayed his relatives. 

What Bhishma had announced to the gathering?

Bhishma had announced Krishna as the lion in sleep, since Krishna was silent then. Then some of the supporters of Shishupala had gathered nearby.  Bhishma told they were like dogs barking before the sleeping lion.  

What had been done by the kings who were afraid of Shishupala?

The kings who were afraid of Shishupala were silent.

What Krishna had done?

With a friendly voice, Krishna told Shishupala was his family relative. He has pardoned his hundred mistakes as per his mother’s request. He could mend himself and Krishna offered him to withdraw his opinions. But he remained arrogant and Krishna ordered his wheel to behead Shishupala and his soul had been liberated to go to the original abode of Vishnu as gate keeper of Vaikunta with name as Jaya.

How the Rajasuya ended?

After the killing of Shishupala, the Pandava brothers distributed donations to the priests of the rituals. All guests and kings were honored according to their ranks. Then they had left the palace of Indraprastha. Bhishma, Drona and elders were provided with chariots and Krishna had intimated everyone of his departure. His chariot with two white horses was ready and Yudhishtira had bid farewell to him according to the royal fashion.  Thus, Rajasuya ended very happily.

Who were the two people left in the palace of Yudhishtira after Rajasuya?

Shakuni and Duryodhana were the two people left in the palace of Yudhishtira after Rajasuya. They remained that night to see the splendor of the new Sabha hall and decided to start to Hastinapura on the following day morning.

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