Kirmiravadha is the thirtieth upa parva included in the third maha parva, named as Vana parva or Aranyaka parva in the epic Mahabharata. The original epic was
composed by Vyasa in Sanskrit. Vyshampayana had narrated the historical events which belonged to the period spent in forests to Janamejaya, on his queries.

The two main incidents of this upa parva were killing of the demon Kirmira by Bhima and the chase and killing of another demon Salva by Krishna who attacked Dwaraka in vengeance against the killed demon called Shishupala.

What was discussed between Dritarashtra and Sanjaya and what was the result?

Dritarashtra had politely ordered Sanjaya to invite Vidura back to his palace, and in case if he would not return he should be honored and pleased with donations.

Lord Krishna killing the demon Salva
Krishna killing the demon Salva
What was discussed between Dritarashtra and Sanjaya and what was the result?

Dritarashtra had politely ordered Sanjaya to invite Vidura back to his palace, and in case if he would not return, he should be honored and pleased with donations.

What did Vidura do after he was invited by Sanjaya?

Vidura had returned to Hastinapura. Kunti, the mother of Pandavas was
accommodated at his house and he first visited his own home and later visited
Dritarashtra. Vidura had reported the items regarding the Pandava brothers to
Dritarashrta. Vidura had told him how the fight was carried over between Kirmira
and Bhima, and how Bhima had killed Kirmira.

Dritarashtra was worried about the strength of Bhima. Later Dritarashtra had also came to know about the fight between Salva and Krishna. Dritarashtra had understood about the strength of Krishna and his wheel. Ultimately, Dritarashtra had understood regarding the reasons for the absence of Krishna during the dice games.

After how many days tour Pandavas reached Kamyakavana?

After three days tour Pandavas reached Kamyakavana.

Why the demon Kirmira hated Bhima?

The demon Kirmira was the brother of Baka. Bhima had killed the demon, Baka
since he was a cannibal. In vengeance, Kirmira hated Bhima.

What happened to Draupadi when she saw Kirmira?

When Draupadi had seen Kirmira, she was afraid to see his demon structure and
fainted when she heard the loud voice of his screaming.

What happened to the followers of Yudhishtira when Bhima was fighting with

Yudhishtira had told the truth of his journey to Kirmira. He told the names of the
five persons and Draupadi. Dhaumya Rishi had removed the ascetic powers of the
demon, Kirmira.

What happened to Kirmira?

Kirmira was very happy to hear the name of Bhima. He was the brother of Baka
and desired to fight with Bhima in vengeance as Bhima killed Baka, his brother.
Kirmira had plucked one tree and marched to kill Bhima. Bhima started defending using another tree. Kirmira had used big stones and threw towards Bhima. Bhima threw back the same stones after catching them.

Bhima had approached Kirmira and started manual fight with him and controlled
his physical actions. Kirmira wanted to eat all the Pandava brothers one by one.
Bhima sought the permission of Yudhishtira to kill him and, Yudhishtira allowed
the same. Hence, Bhima had killed Kirmira and threw his body into the forests
that would be eaten by the wild forest animals.

Kirmira was living in the Kamyakavana as a cannibal. Hence in that forest no Rishis dared to live. People were afraid at night to cross through Kamyakavana due to Kirmira. Bhima made the forest safe after killing the demon Kirmira.

Why was Krishna away from Dwaraka during the dice game played?

Krishna was chasing Salva when the dice games were held in Hastinapura palace.

Who was Salva and why he hated Krishna?

Salva was a demon, sympathizer of Shishupala, and a supporter ally of Jarasandha.

Who killed Salva?

Krishna had killed Salva.

What is Saubha?

Saubha was the military airship of Salva. Since Salva was monitoring that ship,
Salva, the demon was also known as Saubha.

Why Yudhishtira enquired more details of Saubha vadha?

Krishna had declared Salva as Saubha and he was a demon. Then Yudhishtira was
more interested about chasing and killing of Salva by Krishna since Yudhishtira was playing dice with Duryodhana and Shakuni at the same time.

Who were the military officers of Krishna?

Sathyaki was the commando of Krishna. He was also a military officer in Dwaraka.
Kritavarma was commander in chief of Narayani Sena controlled by Balarama.

What was the special order passed by the military officers during Dwaraka attack?

Soldiers should not consume alcohol during attack. It was the special order
passed by the military officers, during attack of Dwaraka by Salva.

What had been done towards the army satisfaction during war in Dwaraka?

The salary payments had been properly paid to maintain the army satisfaction
during war in Dwaraka.

How civilians were treated during war in Dwaraka?

The dance, music or cultural people with treasury controllers, and general public
or civilians, had been safely transported to a distant safe place where food and shelter were provided sufficiently.

How Salva attacked Dwaraka?

Salva used ascetic powers and demons to attack Dwaraka. He was blocking the
ways of Dwaraka and used airship to throw big stones procured from Pragjyotish

From the side of Krishna who were vigilant to face Salva?

The sons of Krishna, Balarama, and the military commanders of Dwaraka, Sayaki
and Kritavarma were vigilant to face Salva.

What Pradyumna declared during attack by Salva?

Pradumna declared during attack by Salva that no soldier or charioteer should run

How Salva attacked back and what happened to Pradyumna?

Salva had used his bows and arrows to fight Pradyumna. He fell unconscious in the
chariot when Salva attacked again him.

What had been done by the charioteer of Pradyumna?

Pradyumna had been safely carried away to a safest place and returned when he
gained his consciousness.

How Pradyumna succeeded to fight against Salva?

Pradyumna had used his bows and arrows to fight Salva. Salva had fled away,
disguising in the Saubha when Pradyumna attacked again him. Finally Salva
escaped from Dwaraka.

How Krishna had understood the situations when he returned to Dwaraka from Rajasuya?

Satyaki had explained regarding the attack of Dwaraka during the absence of
Krishna, when he returned from Rajasuya.

How did Krishna start war with Salva?

Krishna decided to fight with Salva. Initially, he fought with Salva with mace, bow
and arrows. When Salva used ascetic powers and Saubha, his airship, Krishna had
chased him. Salva had hidden in a remote island. Krishna had ordered to his wheel
and the wheel had killed Salva.

Krishna had told the facts to Yudhishtira when he visited him in Kamyakavana. Dritarashtra had collected the facts from Sanjaya.

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