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In Ramayana, Lakshmana is the loving and devoting younger brother of Rama. He is the son of Sumitra and his father is Dasharatha. Lakshmana is considered as the incarnation of the serpent king, Adishesha, also known as Sheshanag. God Vishnu takes rest, lying over, Adishesha. So he is the mattress to God Vishnu.

Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman
Characters from Ramayana

Childhood and Education

Lakshmana also has a younger twin brother called Shatrughna. After his primary education in the palace of Dasharatha, he went to the Ashram of Vishwamitra Rishi to learn higher techniques of warfare with his elder brother Rama. Viswamitra Rishi has taught him to bear hunger for a long time and keep the body in an active status, say, for a period of fourteen years. He was very clever and sensitive and responded quickly in times of emergency. 

Rama-Lakshmana Bond

Lakshmana married Urmila, the younger sister of Sita. He was attached to Rama with love as a brother. When Rama had to go exile, he also accompanied him to the forests. He had adopted pleasant manners during his learning under Vishwamitra Rishi, and could understand the purpose of the person coming in front of him. During the studentship, he helped Rama kill many demons for the relief of Vishwamitra Rishi, as they were frequently disturbing him.  

As a God, Rama trusted Lakshmana and blessed him. Lakshmana has punished Surpanakha for threatening Sita, as per the instructions of Rama. Later, out of vengeance, Surpanakha has roused the anger of Ravana against Rama and caused abduction of Sita. It leaded to a war between Rama and Ravana. Lakshmana helped in the search for Sita and gained the military friendship of Sugriva and Hanuman.

In the Battlefield

Lakshmana, being trained in using swords, got victory over Indrajith, the son of Ravana, being chanced by the addition al ability to live without food for the last fourteen years. Initially, Angada, a Vanara prince tried to kill Indrajith but he failed due to the lack of this added asset. Lakshmana was highly impressed by the activities of Angada and desired to assign the same name to his own son.

Various Roles of Lakshmana

Lakshmana acted as an advocate to Rama in his forest life. He became a minister for Rama on his crowning.  Lakshmana was also a good civil engineer and worked to build residences for Rama in forests and assisted to build bridge towards Lanka to wage the war against Ravana. He dedicated his life in serving God Rama and Rama was pleased to order a separate, beautiful palace for him at Lakshmanavati.

॥ रामो राजमणिः सदा विजयते रामं रमेशं भजे ॥

The meaning is, ‘Rama is the king of kings. He always gets victory.’ Lakshmana advises us to devout Rama and the very same Sitarama with reverence.

On return from Lanka, Lakshmana consoled his wife Urmila and named their son as Angada.

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