Shatrughna In Ramayana

In Ramayana, Shatrughna is a loving and devoting youngest brother of Rama. He is the younger son among the twin babies born to Sumitra and his father is Dasharatha. Shatrughna is considered as the incarnation of the Sudarshana Chakra of the protector God, Maha Vishnu. God Vishnu holds the wheel in his right hand, as a symbol of protection of Dharma. So Shatrughna also is the active character in protecting the Dharma with the incarnation of God Vishnu, Rama.

Bharata worshipping the sandals
Worshiping the sandals of Shree Rama

Birth of the Children

Initially, Dasharatha had not any child. After his third marriage, as per the advice of Vasishta Rishi, Dasharatha had performed a Putra Kameshti Yaga. The Yaga had been supervised by Rishya Shringa Rishi. On offering the cow ghee, finally, the angel of the ritual was pleased to offer Dasharatha a plate full of sweetened rice. On that day, in the palace, his two wives, the elder one, Kausalya and the youngest one, Kaikeyi were present. Rishya Shringa Rishi had advised to divide the ritual receipts of sweetened rice, equally, between them and to consume them with a prayer for getting a child.

Hence, Kousalya and Kaikeyi got one part each. Sumitra, the middle one, wife of Dashratha had gone to her parental palace. Kousalya divided her portion equally into two parts and preserved one part for Sumitra and consumed the other part. Kaikeyi also divided her portion equally into two parts and preserved one part for Sumitra and consumed the other part.

On the evening, when Sumitra arrived back, both Kousalya and Kaikeyi handed over the preserved portions at different moments but unknown to each other. As a result, twins have been born to Sumitra. Shatrughna is more aligned to Bharatha and Lakshmana with Rama. Thus they continued their life.

Childhood and Early Life

Shatrughna had three brothers called Bharata, Rama and Lakshmana. After his primary education in the palace of Dasharatha, he went to the ancestral palace of Ashwapathi, to learn higher techniques of warfare with his elder brother Bharata. He was very clever and sensitive and responded quickly in times of war.

Shatrughna married Shruthakirti, the family relative of Sita. He was attached to Bharata, himself voluntarily with love as a brother. When Bharata has gone to Nandigram, he has looked after the entire administration of Ayodhya. As a responsible learned man, Vasishta Rishi guided Shatrughna and blessed him. Shatrughna has punished Lavanasura of Mathura for threatening the people of nearby countries illegally as per the instructions of Rama.

Shatrughna’s Role During Vanavasa

Later, in good will, Rama has made Shatrughna the King of Mathura and he has built a new palace for himself there. He established peace and prosperity there. Shatrughna acted as a security in chief for the horse of Ashwamedha of Rama in his later life. He became the minister for defense under Rama on his orders. Shatrughna was also a good and noted sword holder and worked to build the empire for Rama during his exile and assisted to build the nation up to Lanka without waging war and never against the will of his people. He dedicated his life in serving God Rama and Rama was pleased to order a separate beautiful palace for him at Mathura.

॥ स्वाध्यायान्न प्रमदितव्यं ॥

The meaning is, ‘One must not quit from his duties’. This is the advice from the teacher to the student when he is relieved from his institution.

Shatrughna was always available for the common public to approach him and accessible for redress of grievances, if any, and always executed his duties for and on behalf of God Rama. Like a fruit behind the leaves, Shatrughna made the Indian sub-continent to shine on the globe as an empire called Bhoo Mandala. All the success he achieved, he dedicated under the foot wears of God Rama, placed before the empty throne, being procured by Bharata from God Rama.  

It is humbly prayed for the blessings of God Rama upon us.

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