Tara In Ramayana

Tara was the wife of Vali, the king of Kishkindha , the country of Vanaras (monkeys). Tara was the daughter of Sushena, a physician in the country of Kishkindha. She had a son called Angada.

Tara beside her husband Vali with Shree Rama, Lakshmana and Hanuman
Tara beside her husband Vali

Tara’s husband, Vali was ruling the country for a long time. He was very strong in his administration and in his physical health or strength also. One day, Ravana, the king of Lanka, a demon had entered Kishkindha without any official intimation or permission and Tara reported the matter to her husband Vali. He punished Ravana and taught the decorum of kings to him. In order to teach him properly, he put Ravana under his elbow pit and tying his both hands with his tail, circumscribed the entire Earth, but freed him at his kingdom Lanka. As revenge, later he invaded the north side of Godauvary, called Dandakaranya forest area. He posted the man eaters, demons Khara and Dooshana, his brothers as rulers of that area later.

Later, due to some family issues between her husband Vali and his brother Sugriva, Vali was killed by Rama. The issue was the separation of Ruma from her husband, Sugriva. Even though Vali was killed by Rama and Tara felt very sad, she later showed her boldness as an able queen of that country. During the cremation of the physical body of her husband, with great grief, she requested Rama to kill her also so that he could send her to heaven to enable her to sit with her husband together, in heaven also, as uniting a husband and wife was the policy of Rama. The author of Ramayana, Valmiki Maharshi himself had remarked about her courage.

After crowning of Sugriva, she adjusted to life, living with her son, Angada. During her husband’s rule, there were three chairs kept in the dais, the center being occupied by her husband, left side by herself and in the right side by Ruma. During Sugriva’s rule later, Sugriva sat on the chair kept in the middle, Ruma, his wife had to sit to his left and being a senior of the country, Tara sat on the right side chair. She was an educated lady and experienced in administration. But Kishkindha was a country of monkeys properly secured.

After crowning of Sugriva, he felt relieved, since the works related to the daily administrations, the mandatory duty burden, towards the country, had been discharged by Tara. Even though Sugriva had to help Rama as per his agreed promise, to procure Sita from Lanka, he used to pass time in entertainment, avoiding the risk of involving in it but after pressure from Lakshmana, initiated into it. After three months, by order of Rama, one day, Lakshmana had appeared before the gate of their palace. He was in a fierce mood. Then Tara greeted him and with her sweet words cooled him down. Later, for the searching of Sita, one troop moved towards south, in which Tara had joined with her son Angada.

When the troop of monkeys with Tara had reached the beach side and had to cross to Lanka, it was Tara, who announced the willingness to go to search Sita alone across the sea. But the old bear Jambava had objected saying her presence was more warranted near her son Angada, besides, it was not proper for her to jump to Lanka, she being a senior diplomat whose husband once punished Ravana. And hence the name of Hanuman had been suggested by him as an alternative.

After order issue by Sugriva, the army of Kishikindha had marched to Lanka, waging war with Ravana. Tara remained in the palace to look after the kingdom. After victory over Ravana, and during their journey to Ayodhya, Angada, with Rama, Sita and Lakshmana had stopped their flight, Pushpaka Vimana at Kishkindha.  They accompanied her with few ladies and left towards Ayodhya. With Angada, she attended the coronation of Rama and got a chance to hear the Ramayana story from the mouth of the children of Sita and Rama. She could hear the live appreciation about her name also during the reciting of Kishkindha kanda by Lava and Kusha . After provision of gifts to them, she returned to her country with Angada. She contributed to rebuild the new palace for Rama at Ayodhya.

Later, Hanuman remained in Ayodhya serving Rama. Then, an able hand was required in Kishkindha and it was reequipped by Tara.

अहल्या द्रौपदी सीता तारा मंडोदरी तथा ।
पंचकन्यां स्मरेन्नित्यं महा पातक नाशनम् ॥

The meaning is: Ahalya, Draupadi, Sita, Tara and Mandodari alike, memorizing the names of these five girls removes the severe sins of the devotee.

Panchakanya, or five ladies

The story of Ahalya has been narrated in the previous post and posts on Mandodari, and Gauthama Rishi, would be available in the forthcoming articles.  

It is humbly prayed for the blessings of God Rama upon us.

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